The Holiday Feast

Christmas (and other holidays) is upon us. Malls are playing music, shopping is getting crazy, cards are flying around and, most importantly, families are getting together to share love, eliza_maclean_carving_cane_creek_farm_holiday_turkey_01 gifts and food. As we start planning our parties and dinners, please consider getting some delicious local meat from a farm near you. Cane Creek Farm offers hams, shoulders and pork chop racks which would be perfect for a holiday feast. Also consider a lamb roast or cooking whole beef tenderloins or ribeyes. Those steaks you buy at restaurants are just little slices of the whole 6-10 pound cut that you could roast all at once and cut into little juicy portions for your guests. We will also be offering a couple geese this holiday and more turkeys.

In my opinion, the holidays are about enriching our community. Plan your meals and your gifts around supporting that community. Eating local food and shopping at local small businesses is the best thing we can do for our economy. And right now, the economy still sucks for a lot of folks. Shopping at big box stores and mega-chains only sends your money abroad, empowering other nations while diminishing our own. If you can put money into your neighbor’s pocket while getting a great gift or cooking a meal for a loved one, you’ve made two people happy this Christmas.

~ Nick Zigelbaum

Originally posted on Nick’s blog: