Reminder: Our Fall Sale is Saturday, Nov 12th from 12-5 @ Farm Store

We need to clear some space in our freezer which means tomorrow is your lucky day. So we’re planning a big fall sale at the farm for Saturday November 12th. We will be discounting many of our products. This is a great opportunity to fill up your freezer and feed your family wonderful and healthy meals through the holiday season, all for a great price. Beef and pork will have minor and major markdowns, plus we will have chicken and prosciutto at regular prices. So, bring your coolers, bring your cameras, bring your friends and bring your money (we still don’t take credit cards—check and cash only!) The farm looks great, our staff is sassy and there are awesome deals to be had. Come join us for refreshments 12-5 Saturday the 12th of November at the Farm Store and we’ll be at the farm ready to load you up.