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Around The Farm: Pig Life – February 2012

Oreo girl with her new litter of pigletts: Esther resting after giving birth to her first litter: Sometimes the warmest, safest spot is on momma’s snout: A welcomed snack of broccoli and brussel sprout plants pulled up from the fall garden: Thanks to Shelly Jacobs for the photos.

Farm Newsletter: February 2012

Hello again from the farm. It’s been rather exciting out here this last month. We had a freak happening out in the pasture where the chickens roam. Apparently we had a rare microburst that flipped and crushed one of our egg mobiles(see photo below). We have two of these wonderful contraptions  that house our chickens […]
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Around the Farm: Happy Kitty + Fresh Eggs

Photo Post: Happy Barn Kitty + Fresh Eggs

Around the Farm: Baby Duck

Photo Post:  Lots of bird babies running around here, like this little duckling.

Around the Farm: Turkey Love with Farm Intern Erin

Photo Post: Our turkeys are raised with fresh air, loving care and respect for their inner turkeyness.