Saxapahaw Farm and Business Collaborative received grant from RAFI!

We along with several other committed folks have been fortunate to receive a Saxapahaw Farm and Business Collaborative grant from RAFI–thanks RAFI. The money will be put to good use creating more storage, handling and value added processing facilities at the Sax General Store and The Eddy so that our sustainable farming community can continue to thrive. Did you know that the group at Sax Gen and the Eddy have one of the highest percentage of use of local products in the state, perhaps the nation? This includes buying and butchering a whole Cane Creek pig each week, and buying a whole Braeburn cow every 2-3 weeks.

RAFI stands for Rural Advancement Foundation International. Through the “Tobacco Communities Reinvestment Fund”, the help fund  “Community Collaborative Projects”. Here is a description of the plan in Saxapahaw:

Saxapahaw Farm and Business Collaborative
Over the past year alone the Saxapahaw General Store has purchased over $250,000 in local meats and vegetables from area farmers.  As the farmers increasingly cater to the needs of the store, a collaborative has begun to form around the needs of both farmers and customers of the General Store.  The result of this collaboration is an emerging vision that creates greater production capacity in value-added products produced by farmers in the general store kitchen and increased sales from expanded freezer and cooler space. The long term vision includes items like smoked poultry sausage and frozen vacuum sealed vegetables, but the funds will support the short-term goal of improved storage and marketing infrastructure for the General Store customers to better access the local food.