Ossabaw Family Pack – CSA

Our first Ossabaw Family Pack s- the Ossabox – sold out in five days..so we are doing it again!  See below for new pick up dates and locations.  And thank you so much for your support of the work and mission of Cane Creek Farm.

The Hog- The Ossabaw produces some of the most flavorful pork products in the world. The meat is a dark red and the fat is soft, creamy, and high in Omega-3’s. These animals take 18 months to raise correctly, at least twice as long as other pastured hogs. We then hang their hams for another 18-24 months, resulting in wonderful prosciutto (and some seriously SLOW food).

The History- The Ossabaw Island pig came to America when Spanish settlers dropped off their beloved Iberian Hog on the barrier islands of North America. The pigs turned wild and successfully adapted to their islands, in this case, Ossabaw Island, GA. Cane Creek was one of a handful of farms to begin domesticating this breed again, and we now have one of the largest herds anywhere.

The Pack-  These weights are estimates, but should be very close. Each package is $250 and includes:
– ½ lbs of prosciutto (18-24 months)
– 2+lbs of molasses bacon
– 8 lbs shoulder
– 4 lbs ground pork (4 1lbs packs)
– 6 lbs chops (3 packs of 2 chops)
– 4 lbs spare ribs (2 racks 2 lbs)


Yes, Reserve My Ossabox

Pickup dates
November 14
December 8th
Pick Up Location
Carrboro Farmers Market
Mandolin Restaurant
Option 3