March 22 Updates

Hello and happy first week of Spring!!!

Really feels like it…not…

Well we are going to try and incorporate some pictures (make sure you click: display all images) and a connection to the website for these updates. Wish me luck!

As foretold, we got the blessed high tunnel up and covered, but not closed in, so you have to wait for those pretty pictures, but we have baby chicks and baby pigs and baby tiny plants in the field. It was so warm already this time last year, that we opted for white plastic for broccoli, onions, and greens this year and they just sit there looking cold so far. The animals not under lamps are going to feel the same way tonight –poor things, but then I hope that is it. Enough of these 20 degree nights! This is North Carolina!

At both Carrboro and Greensboro markets this weekend we will have fresh easter hams, boneless loins and whole turkeys among our other usual pork suspects. Those are items you should email and reserve for the holiday as they are in limited supply. Fingers crossed for lamb for Easter. I am doing my best, but they are small and deserve some good spring grasses, so I may wait on most until we get well into April. Stay tuned for an early April newsletter and turn up the heat!

Best –
the cane creekers