September 13, 2013 Newsletter

Fall is in the air! A few leaves are fluttering. The nightly dew intensifies. The ducks are laying again. The animals are putting themselves to bed early in the cool evenings. It’s time for fires and soups and chillies and dark greens. I know I’ve said it already, but there is nothing better than fall in North Carolina. It’s easier to think this time of year instead of just react. Given the long, languid nature of fall, I’ve chosen now to put this farm on the market. I think it’s wearing it’s best dress. This doesn’t mean you won’t see us in Carrboro and Greensboro every week. We aren’t leaving the area or the animals or the products – just the property and we don’t know when. Here is a link to the listing:  It seems and feels crazy to leave all this hard work behind/ all the infrastructure we’ve put in place to make this an efficient and productive place, but family and other pressures make me feel like this is the time to pass it on to like minded farmers.

At the markets tomorrow: 
Duck and chicken eggs. Fresh pork. Sausage is back in stock. No bacon for a couple of weeks :(. Goat, lamb, and duck. We’ve got potatoes, garlic, peppers, eggplant, and okra. By next week’s newsletter we will send you the link for turkey orders. See you at the market!