Monthly Archives: November 2014

Thanksgiving Market and Goods

At the Carrboro Farmers’ Market 9am-Noon  NOTE: Next week, Thanksgiving Carrboro Market on Tuesday from 3-6pm. There is no Wednesday market next week or for the rest of the season. Pork: We’ve still got bacon and all the smoked products. We’ll have delicious racks, roasts and ducks for your Thanksgiving table. Order through email (you […]
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Ossabox and Bacon!

At the Carrboro Farmers’ Market 9am-Noon Meat: We’ve got bacon again! Come and get it! We’ve also got our Ossabox deal. If you’d like to pick up tomorrow, please email us: About the Ossabox: The Hog- The Ossabaw produces some of the most flavorful pork products in the world. The meat is a dark […]
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New Pyrenees Puppy Protector

Farm Updates Last night, we were surprised with a new Great Pyrenees puppy! She is almost 10 weeks old and the most well behaved puppy ever known. She is certain to be a great addition to the crew. In other farm news, the red roads on the new land are turning grey with crush and run to […]
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