Monthly Archives: December 2014

Holiday Meals!

At the Carrboro Farmers’ Market 9am-Noon  This week we’ll have a lot of lamb and goat. We’re out of the goat chops but there will more next week. We’ve got new prosciutto and lots of pork.  We can take more ossabox orders. Let us know if you’d like for us to bring one. We have beautiful […]
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Shoulder Prosciutto for Pasta alla Carbanara

Farm Updates and a Recipe! We moved twenty market hogs to the land and they are very happy with the new earth. Now begins the chaos of one farm in two places! This week we’ve got a great deal on shoulder prosciutto so we can make more space in our freezers. $2 per quarter pound pack or 3 […]
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Moving pigs and bunkering down

At the Carrboro Farmers’ Market 9am-Noon  We’ve got beautiful fresh loin roasts for your holiday needs. Breakfast sausage is back! We’ve got bacon, smoked sausages, and some very nice roast cuts. Sorry folks, no chops. We’ve got many delicious, heritage-breed ducks for sale. Hopefully we’ll have the Left Bank Butchery trailer in a couple weeks – […]
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