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Weddings & Forward Movement

Product this week: Liverwurst, molasses smoked ham, herb de provence ham, scrapple, salami cotto, mortadella, hot dogs, tasso, smoked pork chop, kielbasa, bacon, sirloin bacon, snack sticks. Fresh: bratwurst & Toulouse sausages, tenderloin, skirt steak, ribs, boston butts, rib roasts, loin roasts and chops. We had a fabulous time at Michael and Molly’s wedding last […]
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Unoriginal Title

At the market tomorrow – CURED: Salami Cotto Snack sticks Scrapple Andouille Smoked Pork Chops Herb de Provence Ham Molasses Ham Guanciale Pate Liverwurst Hot Dogs Bacon Sirloin bacon Prosciutto FRESH: Italian Bratwurst Toulouse Sausage Schwarma (a lamb sausage) Lamb Eggs *dog treats* This week we built a beautiful cedar camping platform and a stone […]
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This week –

This week – CURED Country Pate Ham – Herb de Provence Kielbasa Hot dogs Smoked Pork Chops Salami Bacon Sirloin Bacon Guanciale FRESH Curry goat sausage Beer Bratwurst Toulouse Snack sticks Goat shoulder Goat chops Pork chops Pork belly Pork tenerloin Pork skirt steak Spare ribs Boston butt Boneless butt Loin roast Prosciutto Eggs *dog […]
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