Part of our purpose at Cane Creek is educating the community about sustainable agriculture and healthy food systems. We do this at farmer’s markets, speaking opportunities, community events, and by showing the farm to individuals and school groups. The tide is turning. More and more people are realizing the impact of their food choices both on the environment and on their bodies. We see our role as a pivotal one in this growing movement, reconnecting people with their food and emphasizing our role as stewards and participants in the natural world.

At Cane Creek our system of raising healthy meat is quite simple. We put our animals in their natural landscape (cows and sheep on pasture; pigs, goats, and chickens in woods and pasture) and allow them to feed on a diet similar to the ones they’ve evolved to eat. This creates healthy animals with a healthy meat and allows us to avoid using antibiotics and hormones.
We also believe that raising heritage-breed animals is important in helping reestablish our connection to food and farming.  Breeds of livestock and poultry species were carefully modified and tended by stewards of these genetic traits for everything from maternal instinct to fur coat and color to disease resistance and carcass quality.  We feel these attributes still have importance in our outdoor system and in the products we produce. It is not all about the speediest production possible.  We love the colorful characters of all the species we raise!

Our Land
Just as important as raising healthy animals, we are also equally committed to being good stewards of our land. The creeks and waterways on our farm have been restored with native vegetation and stream-bed preservation, meaning that the water that enters our farm will become cleaner by the time it exits our land. As for the rest of our farm, most of it has now been put into a farm easement, allowing this land to continue providing food for the Piedmont for future generations.

Keeping It Local
When you support Cane Creek, we do everything possible to keep that money local.
– Our meat is processed at Matkins Meats in Caswell County, NC
– Our feed is milled by Deal Rite Feeds in Statesville, NC
– Our food is distributed by Cornucopia in Graham, NC
– Our value-added meats are made by Weeping Radish in Jarvisburg, NC
– Our farm vehicles run on used veggie oil made by Burlington Biodiesel
– Our t-shirts are made by TS Designs in Burlington, NC

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