We believe Cane Creek Farm offers some of the finest pork in the world, all certified humane and pasture-raised on our family farm in Alamance County. Our hogs are grown on an all natural diet with no animal by-products, and we don’t use hormones or antibiotics on our pigs. We specialize in heirloom breeds which have a more pronounced and delicious taste than conventional pork.

Product list

Bellies $6.00
Chops $12.00
Racks  $10.00
Spare Ribs  $6.00
Lard   $3.00
Jowls  $4.50
Hams (whole)  $6.00
Ham Steaks $7.00
Liver  $3.00
Neck Bones  $1.00
Shanks  $6.00
Shoulders  $7.00
Ossabaw butts $8.00


Bratwurst  $9.00
Hot/Sweet Italian Sausage  $9.00
Smoked Andouille and Smoked Bell Pepper and Onion $11.00


Hot/Mild Breakfast Sausage  $6.50
Sweet Potato Paté $5.00/packet
Chorizo  $7.50
Ground Pork $6.50


Ossabaw prosciutto  $10/ 4 ounce package
Bacon $12/lb

Processed Pig for Pickin’
– A hog (carcass weight) 75lb and up is $3.50/lb.
– There may be an additional fee for transportation and/or delivery depending on the situation.

Pig Pickin’ notes:
A carcass weight (dressed) is roughly 70% of it’s  “on hoof” weight (live weight).
Example: A 150lb (on hoof) pig would be a 105lb carcass. This would be enough for 50-60 people for a bbq party, or 80-100 people if there were other things on the menu and the pig was just for tasting.

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