Teacher Bios

Shannon O’Connor

Shannon O’Connor has been teaching children in North Carolina since the early 90s. She pairs her love of environmental education with her Waldorf ideals having taught at Emerson Waldorf, Carolina Friends Early School, Little Bird Preschool and several other summer camps and experiential education schools for young children. 

Shannon has personally witnessed how every child can be seen as an individual while being held firmly and lovingly in a group that they connect deeply to and learn from. She uses music, storytelling, nature, and art to enrich the academic possibilities waiting all around us. Shannon has traveled the country and the world studying traditional music, dance, and folklore, environmental education, and Waldorf philosophy. She continues to weave all these skills together to work with children, and we could not be more pleased to continue working together at Cane Creek Farm to offer our second season of Cane Creek Stewardship Camp.

Eliza MacLean

Eliza is the owner and operator of Cane Creek Farm and has been for 25 years. Along with her two twins (now grown up and in college!), she has committed her life to producing the best food one can on a farm based on regenerative agriculture and employing rotational grazing of  multiple species. Throughout the years Eliza has employed young people to help work the farm, all of whom have all remained working in some sort of sustainable agriculture.

Eliza has been hoping and waiting for the perfect acreage to add one more group to inspire – young children at our new Cane Creek Stewardship camp! Kids have always loved visiting the farm and now Eliza has teamed up with Shannon O’Connor to bring young people ages 4-12 to spend meaningful hours with animals on the vibrant farm. She hopes to really make this a ground clearing year with children participating in creek restoration, perennial garden set up, barn quilt painting and tons of other art, games and music. She is beyond excited to share this second summer with the extended camp crew. 

Amelia Briggs

Amelia Briggs is another lover of farming and the natural world. She has worked on Cane Creek Farm for the last two years while taking a year off from the University of North Carolina, Asheville to explore agriculture and livestock management. Together she and Eliza have cared for kids while working on the farm, and Amelia is not only a natural with young children, but a strong, hard worker who can do whatever she puts her mind to. She will be co-teacher with Shannon O’Connor this summer during the second year of our Cane Creek Stewardship Camp! They are a dream team and we look forward to an incredible first year.

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