Though sheep, turkeys, guineas, chickens, goats, and donkeys all call Cane Creek Farm home, we are nationally known for our heritage breed pigs. These pigs were raised for different markets when they were developed hundreds of years ago and preserving their genetics remains important today. Some are perfect for barbecue, some for long curing prosciutto and salami, and others for maternal traits like tilling the gardens and having large litters of offspring. 

Currently we have four breeding herds: the Ossabaw Island Hog, the Gloucestershire Old Spot, a five-way Old-timey cross called the Farmer’s Hybrid (Paul Willis’ stock), and our very own best-seller the “Cross-a-baw”, a 50/50 Ossabaw/Farmer’s Hybrid.

The Ossabaw Island Hog is a prick-eared, long-legged, barrel-chested black hog with some white and blond points on the feet, nose and body. Their long noses and small frames allowed them to survive wild on Ossabaw Island near Savannah, GA. Left on the island by Spanish Conquistadors some 500 years ago, their genetics have survived intact ever since. Given the changing food source on the island, the pigs developed a unique method of fat metabolism, resulting in a fat that is flavorful, high in Omega-3s and almost liquid when heated. This pork is well-suited to long-term curing, and the taste just can’t be beat. Read more about the Ossabaw.

Pigs On A Farm from David Huppert on Vimeo.
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