Visiting Fees & Policies

We are happy to share the farm, as we can, with our community. Without taking away from your excitement, we do need for people to experience the farm in a safe and respectful manner.

Therefore, we’ve developed some guidelines.

  • For all farm activities, your pets are not allowed.
  • Please drive slowly on our gravel road.
  • If a gate is closed and you open it, please close it behind you. 
  • Please do not go in any pens.
  • Assume that all fences are hot. 


The best way to see the farm is by staying a night through AirBnB or visiting during the CFSA Farm Tour in April each year.

We do not have open hours but we do offer guided tours by appointment for larger groups (minimum 10 people). Tours are usually 1-2 hours and $50+.


Cane Creek Farm routinely receives requests to come for a couple days or more and follow us around with the idea that you can earn your keep.

This is a for-profit working farm.  When people tag-along, we are constantly answering questions and trying to keep them from being run over or in the wrong place.  While it is validating to pause and explain the work we do, it is distracting and can cost us valuable time and efficiency.

If you’d like to see how we do things, please arrange for a consultation, visit during CFSA Farm Tour, or stay a night through AirBnB.

Professional Photographers:

Many photographers are looking for a unique location to host their next photo shoot. We offer scenic photography options for your clients from brides walking through lush, green pasture, to children playing with lambs, chickens, and other animals. We offer an hourly rental option ($60/hr) which includes the use of our farm’s barn as a changing area.

A Cane Creek Farm representative will be present for the shoot to assist the photographer with animals and garden access. Payment in full is required to reserve your date. We will happily reschedule your shoot for inclement weather.

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